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About me

This website is currently being updated and does not yet reflect the full scope of my work in the US. Thank you for your patience…

The energy industry is the most dynamic it has probably ever been since Edison cranked up the furnaces at Pearl St power station. As a journalist, there are few sectors more exciting to report on thanks to the US shale gale, carbon regulations in the EU and Australia, the rooftop solar revolution in the US, the utility death spiral because of persistent low or negative demand growth after the Great Recession. Energy is where the interests of business, economics, national security, politics and the public converge.

I have been privileged to have had the opportunity to tell some of the stories that contribute to this fascinating narrative as it unfolds.

For almost three years, I was the only UK journalist to have regularly reported on US energy policy and finance from California for a global audience. From San Francisco I covered energy investment, project finance for solar and wind, the shale gas revolution, California's carbon market and the utility industry while developing high-level contacts in policy and finance.  

Nine years at the Guardian and three in the US have made me a highly resourceful and versatile reporter with excellent editing skills.

Now recently returned from San Francisco, I am looking for fresh opportunities to apply my skills and experience in journalism and communications.

In San Francisco, I was quick to see emerging trends in clean energy. As the ink dried on the most recent solar power contract or energy industry regulations, I'd have it covered for PV Tech.

I covered the wranglings between business and regulators over California's carbon market for Carbon Finance.

For the Guardian, I also regularly wrote business profiles of senior figures in sustainability in some of the world's most successful companies such as  from Google, Nike, Microsoft, Alcoa, NFL, Verizon and Shell.

In 2012, I had an exceptional opportunity to write a special series on the US utility industry's switch from coal to natural gas for AOL Energy - which included a trip inside one of Duke Energy's steam generation plant in North Carolina.

Earlier this year, I assisted Nasa, USAID and Nike to develop an interactive strategy document for the Nike Launch Systems Challenge 2013.

Over the past 3 years, I have also enjoyed privileged access to key industry and political figures and events that sometimes eludes other reporters.

Quality reporting and in-depth research are priorities and every story I write is an exclusive, examples include:

  • The Obama administration's fuel economy standards, Chevron's $18bn fines over Ecuador pollution, Apple's 'dirty' record, uranium mining threat near the Grand Canyon, pollution in water supply in 'Erin Brockovich' town and California's cap and trade scheme for the Guardian (see link on right)

  • All the major clean energy conferences in the San Francisco Bay Area for AOL Energy, including exclusive interviews with Google's former green energy chief, Bill Weihl, NRG's David Crane and Shell's Peter Voser (see link on right)

  • California's energy policies, utility regulations, carbon markets and cap and trade scheme for Environmental Finance and Carbon Finance

  • US policies on renewable energy for the Ecologist and Renewable Energy Focus, among others

  • Policy and rulemaking, including the adoption of the cap and trade scheme by the California Air Resources Board

  • Interviews with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and venture capitalists for Australian Financial Review BOSS magazine

  • Profiles of leading clean tech venture funds and private equity investors for Creating Climate Wealth, published by the Carbon War Room

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger's final climate conference as governor of California

I worked for nine years at the Guardian, most recently on the environment desk. You can see some of my stories via the links on the right hand side, including exclusives on shale gas, profiles of some of the leading corporations in the US and VAT fraud in the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme.

I have also previously worked for the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia and Interfax, a Russian newswire service in Moscow, where I was attached to the business desk covering the banking, energy and aviation industries.

In 2010, I had the opportunity of assisting United Cities and Local Government, a subnational advocacy group based in Barcelona, with the development of a policy document on strategic urban planning.

I also contributed to the Guardian's Living Our Values annual sustainability report.

I am available for commissions and look forward to hearing from you:

Email: felicity@felicitycarus.com